I am Nancy O Peters, Managing Partner at Aspom Birth Services. We work with expectant parents interested in giving birth in USA, Canada e.t.c . We also work with couples struggling with fertility challenges access IVF services in the US

As a mother of 2 beautiful children born in the US, I had lots of people asking me questions about my experience in giving birth in the US. Some of the Questions are ‘What hospital did you have your baby?’, ‘When did you apply for your visa; before or during your pregnancy?’, ‘How much did the entire process cost?’ You mean total package of $2800 and $3100 accordingly?’, ‘What was your Point of Entry Experience? What did immigration ask you and what were your answers?’, ‘Did you apply for Medical visa or you used your visiting visa to have your baby in the US?’, ‘how many months pregnant were you, when you leave for the US?’ etc.

Sequel to the above, this impelled me to start Aspom Birth Services; and since launch in February 2014, we have help up to 50 pregnant women travel with ease.