Bringing a child into the world is one of life’s most profound experiences. For some, the decision to birth a child abroad comes with various considerations, from seeking world-class medical care to securing citizenship opportunities. In this blog post, we delve into the essential factors to consider when choosing the best hospitals for childbirth abroad and how Aspom Birth Services can simplify this journey for expectant parents.

Researching Hospital Options:

The first step in the process is thorough research. Aspom Birth Services offers comprehensive assistance in identifying reputable hospitals in various countries known for their excellence in maternal and neonatal care. From leading medical centers in the United States to renowned maternity hospitals in Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Brazil, St Kitts & Nevis. Aspom Birth Services provides access to a curated list of facilities that meet international standards of care.

Assessing Medical Expertise:

When evaluating hospitals, it’s crucial to assess the expertise of healthcare professionals, including obstetricians, neonatologists, and support staff. Aspom Travels collaborates with accredited hospitals staffed by experienced medical professionals who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. By partnering with these institutions, expectant parents can trust that their childbirth experience will be guided by skilled hands and compassionate care.

Considering Amenities and Services:

Beyond medical expertise, amenities and services play a vital role in enhancing the childbirth experience. Aspom Birth Services helps expectant parents explore hospital facilities offering state-of-the-art maternity wards, comfortable accommodations, and additional amenities such as birthing suites, lactation consultants, and postnatal care support. These amenities ensure that parents feel supported and comfortable throughout their childbirth journey.

Navigating Legal and Administrative Processes:

Navigating the legal and administrative aspects of childbirth abroad can be daunting. Aspom Birth Services simplifies this process by providing expert guidance on visa requirements, medical insurance coverage, and documentation procedures. Whether it’s obtaining a medical visa, arranging for pre-natal consultations, or coordinating travel logistics, Aspom Birth Services offers personalized assistance every step of the way.

Ensuring Peace of Mind:

Above all, choosing the best hospital to birth your child abroad is about ensuring peace of mind for expectant parents. Aspom Birth Services understands the significance of this milestone and prioritizes the safety, comfort, and well-being of both parents and newborns. By offering reliable support,



Flying with an infant can be a bit challenging, but with some preparation and tips, you can make the experience smoother for both you and your little one. Here are some tips:

– Book Direct Flights: Whenever possible, choose direct flights to minimize travel time and avoid the hassle of connecting flights.

– Choose the Right Time: Consider scheduling your flight during your baby’s nap time or bedtime to increase the chances of them sleeping through the journey.

– Pack Essentials: Bring all the essentials your baby will need during the flight, including diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk (if applicable), snacks, extra clothing, and any comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket.

– Check Airline Policies: Familiarize yourself with the airline’s policies regarding flying with infants, including whether they provide bassinets or allow you to gate-check strollers and car seats.


– Request Bassinet Seats: If available, consider requesting bulkhead seats with a bassinet attachment, especially for long-haul flights. These provide a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep during the flight.

– Bring Entertainment: Pack toys, books, or digital devices with baby-friendly content to keep your little one entertained during the flight.

– Dress Comfortably: Dress your baby in comfortable clothing, and consider layers to adjust for temperature changes on the plane.

– Stay Calm and Patient: Flying with an infant can be stressful, but try to stay calm and patient. Babies can sense your stress, so maintaining a positive attitude can help keep them calm too.

– Feed During Takeoff and Landing: Nursing or giving a bottle to your baby during takeoff and landing can help relieve ear pressure and prevent discomfort.

– Be Prepared for Ear Pressure: If your baby experiences discomfort during takeoff and landing, offer a pacifier or a bottle to encourage swallowing, which can help equalize ear pressure.

– Be Mindful of Cabin Pressure: Consider bringing saline nasal spray to help keep your baby’s nasal passages moist, as cabin pressure can cause nasal congestion.

– Be Courteous to Other Passengers: Remember that flying with an infant can be challenging for other passengers too. Apologize in advance for any potential disturbances and do your best to minimize disruptions.

– By following these tips and being prepared, you can make flying with your infant a more manageable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Safe travels!