Whether you’re planning a relaxing “babymoon” or heading off on a quick business trip, travelling when pregnant presents a unique set of challenges. Here are a few essential items to help you have a safe and relaxing trip.



1.Healthy snacks

Cravings don’t stop just because you’re thousands of feet up in the air, and those tiny pretzel packets won’t cut it. Spare yourself the misery and keep a stash of your favorites on your person at all times. (High-protein picks keep cravings in check—anything with peanut butter or full-on nuts is a good bet.) It always pays to have extra munchies on hand if you’re travelling, . Take a supply of dried fruit, cereal bars, wholemeal biscuits and any other snacks you fancy. If you’re taking any pregnancy vitamins, remember to pop them in your bag too.

2. Water

Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you at all times. It’s essential for keeping hydrated during your journey and throughout your trip. If you’re flying, buy a bottle of water or refill an empty one when you get through security.

3.Wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel

These will keep you feeling fresh and clean if you’re going on a long journey. They’re also handy for all those toilet stops while you’re out and about.

4.Travel insurance documents

If you already have general multi-trip travel insurance, make sure it’s still valid now that you’re pregnant. Otherwise, look for an appropriate single-trip policy.

Write your insurer’s helpline number on several postcards and keep them in different places. Give one to your travelling companion too. Then, if your luggage is lost, you’ll still have a copy in your handbag or pocket.


5.Anti-nausea Treatment

Women who are prone to motion sickness are likelier to suffer from morning sickness, If you’re one of the unlucky set vulnerable to this sickness, then you definitely need to bring your ginger tea or lollipops, prescription anti-nausea meds or motion-sickness bands—whatever works for you on the ground will help in the air.


Barbados is a North America country which offers Birth tourism for Nigerians and with a UK transit visa you can birth your child in Barbados


Requirements for UK transit Visa Application

– International passport data, Evidence of employment (CAC if self employed), 6months bank statement and passport photograph.

Our service charge for Maternity package is N150,500 ( Which is covers for hospital/Doctor’s details and appointment booking) accomodation can be booked on request.





Before you can take care of your new baby, you need to take care of yourself and your unborn child. There’s a lot of advice out there. Much of it is common sense, but some things – like avoiding cat litter – might be news. Your first tip: As soon as you suspect you’re pregnant, see your doctor

1.Write a birth plan

2.Take a prenatal vitamin

3.Exercise regularly but don’t overdo it

4.Change your chores (avoid harsh or toxic cleaners, heavy lifting)

5.Track your weight gain (normal weight gain is 25-35 pounds)

6.Eat your veggies

7.Eat more fish and also eat foods that has fiber

8.Drink plenty of water (six 8-ounce glasses of water per day)

9.Don’t drink alcohol

10.Get enough sleep











Tips On Planning Your Child’s Birth Abroad

As you may already know, having a baby normally should take some form of planning, however, there’s no predicting how getting pregnant could happen. Whether your pregnancy was planned or happened unexpectedly, you can still plan for the birth of your precious one even after conceiving.

First, you need to decide what kind of birthing process you want; Vaginal birth or through Cesarean Session. After wards, are you choosing to follow the trend of having your baby abroad?  If yes, not to worry, we have put together a few tips to help you through this journey.


  1. Know your cost .When you are far away from home and decide to start a family, you should know your medical bills beforehand. Though medical costs may vary from country to country, it is likely to forget that pregnancy can be costly abroad.

Despite of the availability of hospital, the cost of delivery service and check-ups can cost more in a particular country than others. For instance, Any extra hospitalization costs around $3,000 per day in some countries, such as China and the USA. Also, it can be even more expensive if choosing Hong Kong’s private luxury hospitals without insurance. If your condition requires a C-section delivery, then you will be charged at extra cost


  1. The first question you should think about when having a child would be:” What country do we want to have our baby in?” In fact, it is important for couples to decide where they feel comfortable giving birth. In most cases a child born abroad to a U.S. or Canadian citizen parent or parents can obtain U.S. citizenship at birth for their child if certain statutory requirements are met.


  1. It is critical that you learn as much about the new country’s medical system with particular emphasis on the maternity care that you will have access to. Your global medical plan provider should provide a list of doctors and hospitals that it recommends to expatriates. Make sure you check the hospital that you will have your baby delivered in as well. Is it clean, competent and well regarded? Your international health insurance provider may be able to provide you with a recommended doctor and hospital that is in their network for direct billing.


  1. Many mothers will plan ahead and make a birthing plan. Try to set up a birthing plan so you have fewer surprises come birth day. This can help reduce stress as it always makes sense to plan for the unexpected.


  1. Yes, it may seem obvious, but it critical that you maintain your health and get regular check-ups from a reputable doctor in your new country. From taking your prenatal vitamins to eating enough of the right foods, your health and the health of your baby are what’s most important. If you are going to expatriate to a region where there is Zika virus or other infectious diseases, it is even more important that you lower your risk of contracting a disease that will harm you and your unborn child.


  1. Research the Visa requirements if need be. Find out what the visa needs of the country you’re visiting are, find out the travel needs and what would be required of you in terms of immigration.

Online antenatal classes with Aspombirthservices

Introducing an online antenatal classes with Aspombirthservices

We are super excited to introduce our online antenatal classes to you, we hope you enjoy it.

We believe the classes will be fun and educating

Our services would involve:

1. Weekly virtually and online consultation with gynecologists.

2. Daily and weekly chats with a gynecologists/Nurses.

3. Platforms to ask questions and raise concerns about your pregnancy.

4. Speak with an experience gynecologist and doctor who will guide you.

This is a one time opportunity and an amazing approach to maternal health and afterward.

This also reduces the risk of leaving your house often.




For St kitts, it is a visa free country for Nigerians all you need is a transit visa
(UK or US)
These documents will be needed to apply for either a UK or US visa, your
personal information, bank statements, colored passport photograph, work status,
UK visa processing time could take up to 15 working days or more in rare cases
also US depends on the next available date for an interview


  • Visa Fee and Processing Fee: N176,000
  • Maternity package: N 161,250 (optional)


  • Visa fee and processing fee: N126,900
  • Maternity package fee-N161,250(Optional)

The maternity package fee covers OBGYN Doctor recommendation, Hospital
details, All bill estimates, FAQs for point of entry (POE), Preparation for POE
Baby documentation process.
Average delivery bill is from
$5,000 Vaginal Delivery and
$8,000 for CS.
It includes Doctor, Hospital and Pediatrician Fees.
Accommodation – $1500 – (monthly)

Maternity Package can also be done after Visa issuance.


For Canada,
Unlike the US application where you are required to go for an interview, Documents are
submitted either online or in person at VFS.
These documents will include your personal information, bank statements, work status,
information on past travel histories, etc.
The Canadian visa processing time could take up to 82 working days.


  • Visa Processing Fee: N86,000
  • Visa fee – $185CAD (N68,000 subject to exchange rate on submission) 
  • Maternity package for client with Visa: N161,250

(The maternity package covers Hospital bill, Doctor’s Appointment, Hotel/Apartment booking,
Flight Reservation, Point of Entry FAQs and Documents required for Point of Entry clearance).
We have hospital in Ontario, Calgary and Ottawa which cost from $6000 for normal delivery and
$8000 for Caesarean in Ontario and $8000 for normal delivery in Calgary and Ceaserean section
for $10,000, that covers for Hospital, Doctor and Pediatrician. Accommodation –
$1500 (monthly)

Hospital Appointments are done after the Visa has been granted.