Canada Birth Services FAQ

1. Que: How long does it take to process a Canadian Medical visa?
Ans: It could take 6 months to a year. That’s why it is advisable to apply even before you get pregnant.

2. Que: Must I declare medical reasons if going for Canada Visa application?
Ans: Though not compulsory, it is advisable to declare medical to ensure smooth Port of Entry (POE) and renewal.

3. Que: When is the best time to start the process?
Ans: It is advisable to start early, as soon as you discover you are pregnant to enable you to prepare ahead.

4. Que: When can I travel after visa has been granted?
Ans: You can travel immediately visa is issued.

5. Que: Can I spend more or less than 8 weeks as stated in your accommodation rental breakdown?
Ans: Yes, you can stay more or less than 8 weeks, you would however, pay another fee for the extra day, week or month spent, because the accommodation on our package covers for 8 weeks. If less than, you will get prorated costing for the actual number of days.

6. Que: What is the breakdown for visa application fee?
Ans: Visa fee: $185CAD (subject to exchange rate on submission)
Processing fee: N196,000
Maternity package: N250,000 (when declaring).

7. Que: What does the maternity package cover for Canada application?

Ans: N250,000 covers maternity package covers:
– Hospital/Doctor full details
– Budget sheet
– Preparation for PoE
– Accommodation booking if applicable (Apartment and Hotel).

8. Que: How much do I need to have in my account?
Ans: Enough to cover the trip.

9. Que: What is the average cost of giving birth in Canada?
Ans: The Average cost of giving birth is $6,800 for Vaginal Birth and $8,500 for CS Birth. It includes Doctor, Hospital and paediatrician bill.

10. Que: Can I apply with my family?
Ans: Yes, you can.

11. Que: Does the bill cover processing of my baby’s documentation?
Ans: No, Baby’s documentation process costs an average of $600.

12. Que: Can I know the name of the hospital you use?
Ans: We will disclose the hospital details when process payment is made.

13. Que: Can I sponsor myself or must my husband sponsor me?
Ans: Either one of you can sponsor your trip. You can also get a third-party sponsor.

14. Que: What documents do I need for the Visa Processing?
Ans: Bank statement, work details, Valuable documents(landed property) and hospital details where needed

15. Que: Do I need to pay the hospital and doctor’s bill from Nigeria?
Ans: No, you only pay directly to the hospital and doctor when you travel.

16. Que: Will I go for an Interview?
Ans: No, Canada is paper submission at VFS or Online Submission.

17. Que: Is your visa guaranteed?
Ans: We do not guarantee visa as visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular however, based on our visa knowledge and experience, we will guide you for a better chance.

18 Que: If I am refused a visa will there be a refund?
Ans: No, but you can reapply without paying the processing fee. (You will be required to pay just the Visa fee).

19 Que: Are you genuine and real?
Ans: Yes, we are. You can visit our offices in Lagos and Abuja as seen on our website:

20. Que: Do I need to have travel history before applying?
Ans: No, you do not need to have travel history, but it is an added advantage.