What does this mean?

Most people just know the black line appears during pregnancy.

But did you know?

It is also called the Linea Nigra,

It is the dark line that develops across a woman’s belly during pregnancy.

This line runs from the navel to pubic bone.

The line is not always black, just brownish and darker.

This line shows up about 5 months during pregnancy.

Have you checked yours recently?


How is this Magic Due Date Calculated?

Questions like, when are you due?

When are we expecting the baby?

These are questions that would be asked by family and friends.

A due date calculation is relatively simple if you know the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

It is based on the average length of a human pregnancy — 280 days, or 40 weeks, from your LMP.

It also takes into consideration that the average menstrual cycle is 28 days and a luteal phase (the period of time from ovulation to menstruation) is 14 days.

In essence, getting your due date pinpointed exactly based on your specific ovulation and conception date might not be so important after all.

The truth is, your baby will be considered full-term starting at 37 weeks — a full three weeks before the actual due date!

This means that she will make her appearance at any time starting then, although your chances of having your baby increase as the days go by.

From 37 weeks to all the way to 42 weeks, you can be reasonably assured that your baby will arrive.

Babies are really not “early” nor “late” unless they are born before or after this time period.


The placenta (also known as afterbirth) is an organ that connects the developing foetus (baby) to the uterine wall of the mother to allow nutrient uptake.

The placenta provides oxygen and nutrients to growing babies and removes waste products from the baby’s blood.

The placenta attaches to the wall of the uterus, and the baby’s umbilical cord develops from the placenta.

The umbilical cord is what connects the mother and the baby.

In most cases, the umbilical cord will be cut following birth.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be cut immediately.


Yes, Infertility is an emotional roller coaster.

One minute you are completely content shopping for your tomato sauce and the next thing you know your heart is wandering especially when you see pregnant women every time you turn around.

One day you feel very happy laughing and playing with your husband and the next second all you can think about is dressing you daughter in a pink dress or your son in an amazing outfit you saw on a poster.

Of course, you are happy for your friend who instantly got pregnant but at the same time, you’re wondering why you can’t have that same joy.

The psychological trauma with infertility is all the more complicated when you think back to a time long before you started trying to have kids.

Having to read books on how to get pregnant? Visit the hospital, be on some special medications and all of that.

Have you tried talking?

Just talk to someone, it can be an elder in your church or a therapist, Councillor.

Let them know how angry it made you feel when u thought about how other women could get easily pregnant and you can’t.

How scary it would be to think that a certain operation was done must have destroyed your womb and how bad it felt when you had to fight with your husband over the issue.

Grow your relationship with your husband, communicate with him, let him know what you’re thinking, if you need a hug, tell him.

Most people might not have the luxury of travelling around, but remember you don’t need a fancy dinner or expensive treats. Just take out time, be creative, find something local, maybe free.

Do not let the thoughts of the present situation destroy something even greater than your happiness.