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For those experiencing delayed fertility—that is, unable to conceive a child after one year unprotected intercourse, we provide referral services from experienced infertility specialists to affordable fertility hospital centers.

Infertility may have complicated, multiple physical causes, but it can also exact an emotional toll. Our goal is to develop a treatment plan abroad that is mindful of the emotional and lifestyle needs of our client.

We provide Fertility Hospital Appointment to Reproductive Endocrinologist Appointment We provide Doctor’s appointment and Doctor / Hospital’s fee for Point of entry and Embassy purpose to Accommodation Booking if applicable (Apartment and Hotel) We provide accommodation option for those without family or friends to stay with.

This is based on choice and discretion 

  •  Transportation (on request) We refer our client to transport agent that help with hospital pick up and drop off services.
  • Visa Processing

We provide visa assistance services to client without visa. It comes at an extra cost, as we partner with our parent company ASPOM TRAVEL AGENCY a trusted travel  agency that helps for medical visa.

  •  Preparation at Point of Entry Our well prepare FAQ provides maximum answers to possible question to expect at the immigration entrance (POE)