You just found out that you are pregnant

You just found out that you are pregnant, yay! Now what? Well you will automatically feel a thousand different emotions from shock, scared, happy, worried, anxious and excited. Then you will start doubting yourself on whether you can actually take on this big role of being a mom and even if you are ready for this big change in your life. It’s crazy how we want to get pregnant so bad and the minute we find out that we are, we second guess our ability to actually be a mom. I say, breathe and take it all in. Then scream and jump (not to high) of joy because girl, You are PREGNANT! 10 THINGS TO DO ONCE YOU FIND OUT YOU’RE PREGNANT 1, Tell your hubby This is probably the most amazing news you will share with your husband your whole life, so make it special! Make it memorable and fun. Maybe, buy him a shirt that says “daddy to be”, or place your positive pregnancy test in a gift bag and give it to him. Girl! there are no limits to your creativity. 2 Set up a doctor’s appointment You may want to call your OBGYN to make an appointment and confirm that you are indeed pregnant. Your doctor will usually have you take a pregnancy test in their office, do a sonogram and even have blood test done to confirm your pregnancy. So this is very important! The faster you see your doctor the faster you will be on track to a healthy and safe pregnancy.! Please note: Always do your research before deciding on an OBGYN. Once you meet with your doctor and you do not feel comfortable with him/she, do not hesitate in finding another one. It’s your pregnancy and you should feel comfortable and at ease with your provider. 3 Stop your bad habits Once you find out that you are pregnant, your bad habits has to go. They got to go right now! If you smoke or drink alcohol you need to stop doing it. If you need help to stop smoking, you can always speak to your doctor about it so he/she can help you find the help that you need. If you are using drugs, please stop and know that these things aren’t healthy for you or your baby. There are a number of health issues that your baby can be born with that are associated with using drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol while pregnant. So please, if you are doing any of these things, stop immediately. 4 Start taking prenatal vitamins This is the time to start searching and reading about prenatal vitamins. There are over the counter prenatal vitamins, so if you can’t go to a doctor right away, you can always buy it at any pharmacy near you. Prenatal vitamins are very important because it provides you with nutrition that you may be missing or not getting enough of. The prenatal vitamins, contains vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium that are very important for your baby’s developmental growth. So don’t think it twice and start taking today. 5 Share the news with your close family and friends This one is sort of a “controversial” one because there are pregnant women who share the news immediately with everyone and there are some who want to wait until after they reach the 3 month milestone. Miscarriages usually happen during the first trimester of a pregnancy and so many women wait until after the first trimester to share the big news. You do not have to tell everyone, you can choose to only share the news with your close family and friends and then share the news with everyone else after you feel comfortable in doing so. It’s your pregnancy and it’s your decision! Please note: This is a very personal decision and you should always do what you feel is right. If you only want to share the news with your hubby and wait until after the 3rd month period to share with family and friends, that’s great. If you want to scream it out to the whole world that you are pregnant and do not want to wait, that’s great too! 6 Download fun pregnancy apps You can used the BabyCenter’s App and downloaded it to your phone. You can also download the What to expect app which is basically the same thing. These pregnancy apps gives you a lot of information about your pregnancy and your baby by providing you with how many weeks you are, your baby’s height, weight, how your baby is developing and even what part of the body is forming! It truly is an awesome app to have while being pregnant, so download it today. Please note: Make your pregnancy journey fun and include your hubby in it. Share with him the app. This will make him feel more connected to your pregnancy. 7 Start eating healthier You may want to cut down on those burgers and fries you probably eat every week. Start eating more fruits and vegetables, overall having a well balanced and nutritious diet will benefit you and your baby. Yes, you can enjoy junk food once in a while but do not make it a habit. It’s important for your baby’s growth and also it lowers the chances of you having gestational diabetes during your pregnancy. Please note: You can start slowly weaving in your fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. Eat fruits in between. It’s healthier and you will feel better! 8 Less caffeine Once you find out that you are pregnant you need to lower your daily caffeine intake, I know this may be hard if you are a caffeine lover but you have to do it. According to Babycenter when drinking coffee or any drink that contains caffeine, the caffeine “crosses the placenta into the amniotic fluid and your baby’s bloodstream”. This causes the baby to be exposed to the effects of caffeine for a longer time than you are because your baby’s body is still developing, therefore can’t process the caffeine as fast as you can. Also, drinking more caffeine than recommend can cause your baby to be born smaller than it’s gestational age, which you do not want to happen. Please note: Always consult with your doctor about how much caffeine you can drink daily. Did you know that caffeine can cause heartburn during pregnancy? 9 No heavy lifting It is advisable not to lift heavy objects during pregnancy. This is because when you are bending down to lift something heavy, your movement puts pressure on your stomach. This can cause uncomfortableness and may cause serious problems, like bleeding. Always have precaution during your pregnancy and stay away from lifting heavy objects and bending down. Always ask for help and take care of yourself. 10 Take pictures Last but certainly not least, TAKE PICTURES! Take a picture of your positive pregnancy test to have that memory forever in your heart, phone or keepsake. Also, take pictures of your growing belly by taking daily or monthly pictures and use the same background or clothing to make it more fun. Honestly just have fun with your pregnancy whether it’s your first or your 4th, being pregnant is such a beautiful time in a women’s life that you need to capture every special moment. So mama, use your imagination and start making memories

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