Whether you’re planning a relaxing “babymoon” or heading off on a quick business trip, travelling when pregnant presents a unique set of challenges. Here are a few essential items to help you have a safe and relaxing trip.



1.Healthy snacks

Cravings don’t stop just because you’re thousands of feet up in the air, and those tiny pretzel packets won’t cut it. Spare yourself the misery and keep a stash of your favorites on your person at all times. (High-protein picks keep cravings in check—anything with peanut butter or full-on nuts is a good bet.) It always pays to have extra munchies on hand if you’re travelling, . Take a supply of dried fruit, cereal bars, wholemeal biscuits and any other snacks you fancy. If you’re taking any pregnancy vitamins, remember to pop them in your bag too.

2. Water

Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you at all times. It’s essential for keeping hydrated during your journey and throughout your trip. If you’re flying, buy a bottle of water or refill an empty one when you get through security.

3.Wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel

These will keep you feeling fresh and clean if you’re going on a long journey. They’re also handy for all those toilet stops while you’re out and about.

4.Travel insurance documents

If you already have general multi-trip travel insurance, make sure it’s still valid now that you’re pregnant. Otherwise, look for an appropriate single-trip policy.

Write your insurer’s helpline number on several postcards and keep them in different places. Give one to your travelling companion too. Then, if your luggage is lost, you’ll still have a copy in your handbag or pocket.


5.Anti-nausea Treatment

Women who are prone to motion sickness are likelier to suffer from morning sickness, If you’re one of the unlucky set vulnerable to this sickness, then you definitely need to bring your ginger tea or lollipops, prescription anti-nausea meds or motion-sickness bands—whatever works for you on the ground will help in the air.

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